An Interview with Donald Trump

The former US president didn’t agree to many “sit-down” extended interviews with journalists. He preferred to have brief, shouted encounters with lots of reporters at once, normally with the sound of his Marine One helicopter in the background.

When he did agree to an interview. It was often with Fox News. Fox News used to be very sympathetic to Mr Trump, but the network’s Sunday programme “Fox News Sunday” was more neutral. The presenter is Chris Wallace.

Here is an edit of an interview Mr Trump gave to Mr Wallace.

What do you think about the way Chris Wallace interviewed the president? Write down the questions he asks. What do you think about them?

Here’s what Mr Wallace told the Guardian about interviewing Mr Trump.

The Guardian

The full Chris Wallace interview with The Guardian is here.

The full Chris Wallace interview with Donald Trump is here.

And here’s an interesting Economist piece about how Mr Trump fell out of love with Fox News:

Imagine having to interview the leader of your country. One day you might be doing just that. I think Chris Wallace offers a good model in lots of ways. He’s polite and calm. But he’s sure of his facts and he’s not intimidated. What do you think?