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How to Run a Movie Studio (and take Tom Cruise to space) The Media Show

Donna Langley is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. As Chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, she oversees film franchises like Fast and Furious, Despicable Me and Jurassic World, and was behind hits like Mamma Mia and Straight Outta Compton. In this special edition of The Media Show, Katie Razzall meets Donna Langley in Hollywood, and hears how a girl who grew up on the Isle of Wight became a movie studio boss. How does she decide which films to back? What does she do when the big budgets don’t pay off? And has the covid pandemic changed forever how we watch movies? Presenter: Katie Razzall Producer: Helen Fitzhenry
  1. How to Run a Movie Studio (and take Tom Cruise to space)
  2. Telling the tale of market turmoil
  3. The media mourns a monarch
  4. The death of the Queen
  5. Microsoft v The Regulator