I’m a big believer in using your eyes and ears to find stories.

I was walking through the city centre earlier and came across this:

A popular camera shop is closing down: a victim of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

This is a story. And it’s the sort of story I would expect you to spot and cover as part of the course.

How would you cover it?

You would obviously need to speak to the shop owner or manager. If they won’t talk to you it will probably be difficult to do the story. You need to ask why the shop is closing and what the owner thinks about that.

You would then perhaps speak to a member of staff and speak to them. They are losing their job.

Then you might try to find a customer. Somebody who has been using the shop for years. (The owner would help you here.) Maybe you would find somebody from a local photography club.

You could also speak to an academic/expert who might give you the bigger picture about how the economy is struggling after lockdown.

Your pictures would be interiors and exteriors of the shop. If you are doing the story for radio, you would record natural sound from inside the arcade.

You could end up with a story with a presenter link like this:

One of the oldest camera stores in Wales is closing down after forty years in business.
Cameraland in Cardiff’s Royal Arcade is shutting, with the loss of twelve jobs. The owner says the Welsh government should do more to support small businesses as the economy recovers from the pandemic. XX reports.

And I would be very happy that you have found a story for yourself, just by looking at the world around you.