Working with Siso

Here is a step by step guide to filling in the information on SISO that I need to know before you can go out on a story.

Make sure you’re selecting the correct document (2021 JOMEC BRODADCAST/DOCUMENTARY) and choose DUPLICATE AND OPEN.

The first thing you need to do is explain WHAT you are doing.

Give your risk assessment a short and simple title e.g. PENARTH LIFEBOAT or BIN COLLECTION — just a few words about what your story is about.

After you’ve put my name under **ADD SUPERVISOR NAME** the first section you need to complete is about what you are doing….

So, where it says **PLEASE ADD DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY** briefly explain what your plans are.

For radio this will be INT or EXT INTERVIEW or INT or EXT NATURAL SOUND or EXT VOX POPS.

For television it would be something like INT or EXT INTERVIEW and SET UP SHOTS or EXT GENERAL SHOTS (if you are filming e.g. a location) or EXT VOX POPS. You might write e.g. EXT SHOTS OF FOOTBALL MATCH if you know you plan to film something specific.

Note carefully the final paragraph above — the one that starts: “By submitting…”
You are agreeing that you will not do anything that isn’t covered by the JOMEC risk assessment.

The second section is about WHO is involved.

YOU are the Primary Risk Assessment holder. You should write your name and include your phone number.

Most of the time you know who you are going to interview (the CONTRIBUTOR). Add their name and contact number (or email address if that’s all you have). You don’t need to write anything under Role.

If you are filming for television, you MUST also include the name and phone number of the other student you are working with.

You can add more people (if you have more than one person to interview) by pressing the + button.

The third section is about WHERE you are working.

Please be specific. Don’t just write “Grangetown.” If you have an address, write it in full, including the postcode. So, if you were filming at JOMEC, the location would be JOMEC, 2 Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS.