Welcome to INP2

This is the key information you will need for INP2 on the Broadcast pathway. Here is the Module Handbook.

Here is the assessment brief for the portfolio part of the module:

Here is the assessment brief for the longer form story:

The submission deadline for the portfolio assessment (Radio and TV package) is 09:00 on Monday 25th April.
The submission deadline for the longer-form assessment is 12 noon on Thursday 12th May (our final production day).

The main aim of the module is to put the learning from INP1 into practice. You will work as a professional broadcast newsroom with radio and TV bulletins across a series of 12 production days. These will each start with a news meeting at 08:00. Please do not be late. (The usual start time of 09:30 applies to other days.)

Everybody will get to work in four roles:

Radio Reporter
Radio Producer
TV Reporter

The dates and roles for the production days are here:

And these are the groups:

You will be expected to have a story when you are in a reporting role. That means you will each need to find a total of six stories.

For TV, you should aim to produce a package of at least 1’30” duration with a 20″ presenter link for the bulletin, which is normally at 4.30pm.

For Radio, you should aim to produce a Package of at least 1’30” duration for the final radio bulletin, which is normally around 4.00pm. You should also try to provide a shorter version of your story — either a LINK and CLIP and/or a WRAP — for earlier bulletins during the day.

Whether you are working for radio or TV as a reporter, you also need to produce a 300 word version of the story for the website. This should include an embed of the TV or Radio package. More on how to do that here.

You are also expected to cover the story on social media — i.e. Twitter and/or Instagram.

Here is a downloadable description of production day roles.

At the end of the production day cycle, you submit two stories (one from radio and one from TV). Each is worth 25% of the overall mark. You submit a reflection about each story via Turnitin, using this downloadable Word template:

The remaining 50% of the module is based on a longer-form story. This story can be either Radio or TV. The duration should be 4-5 minutes with a 20 second presenter link.

I encourage you to start thinking about what this story might be as soon as possible. Please talk to me about your story idea before you start to ask people for interviews.

You could think of this assessment as a useful way to bridge from producing shorter news items towards longer form documentary and use the same format (either TV or radio) that you plan to deliver your major project in. But you do not have to use the same format — it’s up to you.

These twelve weeks up to Easter will go very quickly. I hope you enjoy them. As ever, if you have any questions or problems at any time, please let me know.