Useful news apps

Here are some useful news apps that you may want to put on your smartphone. Most will allow you to watch and listen to TV and radio news programmes, which is really important. The more you consume programmes, as opposed to social media clips, the easier the work on the course will be.

BBC News — you can use this app to watch the News Channel live.

BBC Sounds — you can listen to all the BBC’s radio programmes live and on-demand. And access all the BBC’s podcasts.

Sky News — you can use this app to watch Sky News live.

ITV News — this doesn’t allow you to watch output, but it has news from across the ITV network, including Wales.

ITV Hub — you need to use this app to watch ITV news programmes on demand.

Global Player — Global is the biggest independent radio broadcaster in the UK. It’s mostly focused on music, but it includes LBC, which is a speech station based in London. And you can listen to the news output from Heart in Cardiff.

Wales Online isn’t a broadcast app but it has a lot of Welsh news from the company that publishes the national Welsh newspaper The Western Mail and the local Cardiff paper The South Wales Echo.

Radio Garden — this is a free app that allows you to listen live to radio stations from around the world — including all the BBC stations. No registration required, but you have to listen live.

The Financial Times costs a lot of money to read and the paywall is very strict. But for 99p a month (for the first six months) you can have a curated list of six stories a day via FTEdit. The FT’s journalism is so good (and free from nonsense) that I think it’s money well spent.

Which useful news apps have I missed? Tell me.