Our Editorial Code

Here is the editorial code we agreed on. A set of rules for us to follow when we cover news stories for the course.

Remember, when you are out covering stories, you will actually be working as journalists. You will be accountable to the people who you are reporting about. They will see your work online. We have to behave responsibly.

Here is what the New York Times says about the way its journalists cover politics:

This post might also be useful, but more importantly, you should regularly look at the editorial codes below. I don’t expect you to read every page of each of them. I do expect you to have a look through and get a sense of the main issues. This is important work for us.

This is the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) code of conduct.

This document sets out the editorial policies and standards of Sky News.

This is the IPSO Code of Practice, used by many British newspapers.

This is the OFCOM code.

These are the BBC’ Editorial Guidelines.