Audio on location

Have a listen to this audio:

Park ranger on location

We might call it an audio Piece To Camera (although there’s no camera). It’s the sound of somebody talking. It’s been recorded not in a studio, but out on location. He’s describing what he can see and giving us useful information about the location and what happens there. In this case it’s a park ranger — but it could just as easily be you, the reporter. So this is a very useful tool for you as a radio reporter and documentary maker. If you listen to any of the radio documentaries produced by the BBC you will hear on location recordings like this.

Here’s another example: this time longer. A whole package which consists of somebody explaining why a park in London has become important to her during the Pandemic.

London Walk

Have a go at recording an audio piece to camera. You’ll need to research the location a little, so that you have something to say about it. But as well as simply reading out facts, try to describe it. Say what you can see; what you can hear — maybe even what you can smell. Forty five seconds to a minute is enough. Also record a minute or two of the location without you speaking. Then combine some of that with the sound of your voice recorded back home. Be creative!