Murky business

Those of you who are interested in a career in business journalism (as well as everyone else) should consider watching an amazing documentary on Netflix. *

It’s called Inside Job. It was released in 2010 and it tells the story of the global financial crisis which happened two years earlier.

The 2008 crash changed all our lives. Before Covid it was undoubtedly the biggest story of the century so far.

Inside Job explains what happened. It’s not very “Netflix” in style — and you might think it’s a little old-fashioned.

But see how the film’s script carefully and clearly explains some quite complex ideas.

Listen to the interviews and see what you can learn from the questions that the film’s director Charles Ferguson (I assume it’s him) asks.

And note how few of the key players were prepared to do be interviewed for the film. I wonder why.

Inside Job won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2010. The story it tells is genuinely shocking. I think it’s brilliant journalism.

*If you don’t have Netflix it’s here: