Watch and listen

Here are some things that I think are interesting and worth watching/listening to. I’ll keep adding things, so keep checking back.

I would be delighted to discuss your thoughts about them with you individually. Or I can try to answer questions you may have. Come and have a chat!

Well done Peter Smith, a former JOMEC student, for asking the tough questions.

Some people aren’t very good at interviews…

Here is an interesting Twitter advert from the BBC.

I like this short documentary from Haiti, which was shot on an iPhone 6S. It was the first iPhone documentary shot in 4K. But of course, the most important thing is the story and the people.

I love The Truffle Hunters — a 2020 Italian documentary which you can see on the BBC iPlayer. I love the slow pace of it and the way the camera barely moves. Each shot is beautifully framed. A fascinating story. Simple conversations between people — and lots of dogs!

This is an amazing piece of video from a Sky News reporter in Ukraine and if you click on the link in the tweet, you will be taken to a fantastic multimedia version of the story.

I like the piece to camera in this item from Sri Lanka.

This documentary from Vice News is around 15 minutes long — the same as your major project. It’s from 2018. How many contributors? How many “chapters” do you see?

This is a radio package which your radio trainer Mark Hutchings did for BBC Radio 5Live. You’ll notice his script is all recorded on location. Could you try to do do this?

This piece by @sommervilletv is very powerful. What do you think about the shots of dead bodies. Are they justified?

Why would you want to work in a war zone?

This interview was recorded before Russia invaded Ukraine. What do you think of the way the BBC’s Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg handles Alexander Lukashenko?