what is a radio Link and Clip?

Your first assessment for INP1 is a Radio LINK and CLIP. You have to find a story and interview somebody about it. Then you produce the story as a Link and Clip.

So what is a Link and Clip?

It’s a very simple way of telling a story for radio. You have a twenty second script for the presenter to read (the LINK) and you edit your interview into a twenty second soundbite (the CLIP).

You should record your audio using the Marantz (not your smartphone). No Zoom or phone interviews. You should use Burli to edit your audio.

Here is the assessment brief and feedback sheet for the assessment.

This is the assessment criteria that we use for all of your INP1 and INP2 assessments.

All of this material is also available on Learning Central.

New Yorker

Here are the slides from today:

Here’s a breakdown of a sample link and clip:

And here’s the audio for that story.

Here are some extra things it’s a good idea to get. (They will be useful later on, but they aren’t part of the assessment).

Finally, here are some examples of previous link and clips submitted by students. The relevant audio for each story is below.